How to play

If you have questions or problems, please send us a support ticket.

Get started

  1. Login
    with your Steam account if you're older than 18 years old.

  2. Set your trade link in your dashboard. This is a necessary step to receive any items that you win and is also required for you to deposit skins.

  3. Afterward, you're ready to start. Create a new trade to our system over the "deposit now" button. After sending the trade, verify the total value of your bet, and confirm to enter the current round. (So that you can't accidentally deposit your skins, you have to approve them on this page!)

  4. If you decline the popup on our page, your trade is automatically rejected too. So your items are still in your inventory.

  5. If you accept the popup, you will enter the round in the next few seconds. Keep in mind, the speed of entering depends hardly on steam. We're always optimizing our system to bring you the fastest connection while playing.

  6. Once the item threshold of 50 items is reached, our round end timer starts, and when it has ended, the the winner will be announced.
    If you won, you will receive the value of the items in the pot, and you would receive a trade offer in the next minutes.

How it works

  • Every player can deposit unlimited times.

  • 0% Fee, we're upgrading our systems and you enjoy no commission.

  • A winner will be picked based on the number of tickets his deposit is worth and gains a chance depending on the tickets to win the pot. We are Provably Fair!

  • For every $0.01 a player will get 1 ticket, so a higher number of tickets means a higher chance of winning!

  • Add to your name to receive 10 bonus tickets on every round.

What you can deposit
  • Only Rust items from your Steam Rust inventory (NO Trading Cards!).
  • You can deposit a total of 20 items per deposit.
  • You are able to deposit unlimited times, with a maximum of two open offers at the same time.
  • Your deposits value must exceed $0.01 in order to be placed.