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Occasionally, you may find something on our website that does not work properly.
We'd like to know whenever there is a bug so that we can fix it. Here's what you can do, in this order:

1. Go to our Support Area
2. Help us help you. If we cannot repeat the issue, we cannot repair it so the extra information below is a must.
We will get to the bottom of it much quicker if we know about these details: What are the specific steps to reproduce your problem? If you use other browsers on your computer, does it happens there also? What is your Operating System? Windows XP, Mac 10.4, etc. What is your browser with version number? IE 7.0, Firefox 2.01, Opera 9.1 What is the GC code? (if the error occurred at a geocache page) Are there any URL's (web page addresses) that you feel would help?

Your offer was declined for the following reasons:

  • Bid includes less then 1 items
  • Bid includes more than 20 items
  • Bid worth is less then our minimum Bidvalue of $ 0.01
  • You requested an item from Bot's inventory (not a gift)
  • Non-CSGO item offered
  • Item has no price in our Pricelist

You can find it here, just copy the complete URL and save it to our system on your account site

First In First Out - Your tradeoffer will be processed shortly.

Be sure to set your Inventory to Public. If the problem persists, please open a support ticket. You will get your items as soon as possible.

In the most cases we answer in the next hours after you send the ticket, but in some cases it could take up to 48 hours we read your ticket. If we answer we wanna give you the best support you could get, so we try to check every ticket accurately and thoroughly to guarantee this.


KnifeSkin takes one skin from each raffle. The value of this skin ranges from 1-10% depending on the total pot value. If there is no item in this range, we don't take one.

You have 48 hours to accept the trade or contact the support if something went wrong.

We take no responsibility for scammers and impersonators making transactions under our name. Our bots will NEVER add you on Steam. DO NOT accept any friend requests from somebody pretending to be a bot.
Our team will NEVER ask for skins on Chat. If you're not sure if the account is one of our bot, open a support ticket.

For this Question we setup a own page to deliver you a step by step Guide. The Guide you can find here.


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We don't wanna make big money with this site, the only reason we made this site is to give you the best gambling experience on planet, so there is no way to donate atm.